Adult Programs & Fitness

Please see Flyers & Forms for details on ages groups, signup and program dates, location and cost details,
and Check the Adult Fitness Calendar Below for times and dates.

Cardio, Weights & Agility Training

Picture of dumbells and resistence bands

Cardio, Weight and Agility Training is a continual program held at the APRD Building. This is a high impact aerobic class with emphasis on the position of the body while strength-training, with additional work on agility stretching.  Benefits are increased body heart-rate and blood flow, while also increasing mind-body connection/focus.



picture of yoga mat and yoga exercise equipment

Yoga is a continual exercise program taught at the APRD Office. Yoga will engage your mind and body, with the classes being easy to adapt to your fitness level. Yoga can promote reduced stress, while improving your mood, and help to regulate your sleep to reduce fatigue.


Low Impact Aerobics

picture of ladies doing low impact aerobics inside a gym

Low-Impact Aerobics is a continual exercise program taught at the APRD Office. Low-impact aerobic exercise can help control your weight while strengthening your bones and muscles. It minimizes the force on your bones and joints while increasing blood and nutrient flow in your body, which promotes healing.



Men's Basketball

picture of man making a basketball shot

A Men's Basketball program runs yearlong at the Pierce High School.  The Men’s Basketball program gives adults in this community the ability to compete in a friendly atmosphere, met new people while reaping aerobic benefits. No need to find a team to play, each night teams are assigned.


Co-Ed Softball

picture of adult femail swinging batting with crowd in background

Co-Ed Softball program runs from June to August on Sunday nights at the Balfour Park at Arbuckle Little League field. Teams are limited and are available on a first come basis. If you would like to play but do not have a team, please contact APRD for availability.





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Water Fitness

group of ladies in water doing fitness classes

NO CLASSED THIS YEAR. POOL COMING IN 2024/2025 — The Water Fitness program runs in the evenings June–July at the Arbuckle Swimming Pool. Water fitness is a low-stress aerobic class that is easy on the joints and bones, promotes cardiovascular endurance, toning body faster, and quicker muscle recovery.




Lap Swim

photo of people lap swimming

NO LAP SWIM THIS YEAR. POOL COMING IN 2024/2025 — There will be Adult Lap Swim times available with a morning and evening sessions in June and July at the Arbuckle Swimming Pool. During Lap Swim times, a section of the pool will be open just for adult swimming.   Adults may walk or swim in the pool.